Heavily influenced by his father’s poetry writing, Orlando began composing his own lyrics at the age of fourteen.  Soon after, he picked up his first guitar. Classical training opened the door to Spanish rhythms such as flamenco, bolero, cumbia, as well as American rock and pop.  Orlando wrote his first song at age seventeen. Today, he has authored more than 150 songs with several from his debut album, Ensename, sitting in the top ten hits list.

In Billboard’s annual songwriting contest, Orlando won 3rd place in the Latin category in addition to four other honorable mentions.  The Texas Grammy Association awarded his Spanish demo was honored in the top 20 out of more than 800 participants.  Later, he was invited to Miami for the preliminaries of Spain’s prestigious Benidorm International Song Festival. In 2013, he won Fox Music Award international masculino del ano.

Orlando has performed with popular artists such as Alvaro Torres, Angelica Vale, Fobia, Victimas del Dr. Cerebro, La Sonora Dinamita, MDO, Kumbia Kings, Emilio, Jay Perez and Hombres G.  Television appearances have included shows with Little Joe and Johnny Canales, as well as personal performances on WFAA’s La Vidain Dallas, TX.  He has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, Miami’s Boom Magazine and ASCAP’s Playback Magazine.  Radio airplay is heard throughout the United States, including KHDC 90.9 FM in Salinas, CA, KYST 920 AM in Houston, TX, KRVA 106.9 FM in Dallas, TX, WIUS 1570 AM in Bloomington, IN, and KPFA 94.1 FM in Berkeley, CA.

Currently, Orlando has joined forces again with producer/composer Amin Emam (who produces and scores motion pictures for Media World and Norris Family Films)  to work on his up coming EP. This new project will bring a dance and his coing phrase Electric Tango sound. And with scores of fans Orlando will soon be taking his music throughout Mexcio, South American, and Europe.


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